Day One with Canon 50D

Posted on May 12, 2010

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was all the reason I needed to splash out on a new camera, but the deciding factor was the lens: there has always been two things my trusty Canon IXUS 500 could not do and a DSLR promised to solve both. A surprise invite to TEDx Dubai forced me to leap early and so my reasoning below is as much justification as it is considered purchasing rationale.

First, interior photos. Simply to send a photo of a hotel room (I used to travel a lot) or sharing images of a for-rent apartment. This has been annoying me for a very long time and so my first purchase after the camera itself was the Sigma 10-20mm f/3.5. Recently I learned about the fun of using a wide lens for more than just “getting it all in” – more on that later.

Second, and most importantly: to fit a zoom lens. This even determined which camera I could afford. No point in buying a fancy camera for so much money that I couldn’t afford to also purchase the right zoom lens (looking at you 5D Mark II). I heard a lot of good things about the Canon 100-400mm L-series and with the Grand Prix being outdoor in the desert sun, I did not even care about the f-number (or at the time know anything about it!). Turns out the Yas Marina Circuit has sophisticated lighting to smoothly transition from daylight to floodlights, so again no low-light worries.

Purchase Day the money and reason aligned with a Canon 50D and the 18-200mm kit lens (good deal those kit lenses and very versatile for people on a budget – more on prime lenses later). But I said TEDx Dubai triggered the sale, yes, a surprise invite made me rush out to my camera-friend’s contact and pick up my newest toy.

What you see here is my favorite picture of the event: hand-held shot at a distance, with surprisingly low light on the stage. I particularly like the modern TEDx Dubai backdrop contrasted with the UAE National Dress. Not too shabby for Day One with a DSLR.

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