Under the covers

Posted on June 4, 2010


Lab Management relies heavily on System Center Virtual Machine Manager so a lot of my posts will be about enabling automation for building virtual machines. I don’t know why I like automation, but I know automation is a great the only way to get Repeatability: Anytime I have to follow written instructions repeatedly, I will end up making mistakes (or different assumptions from the author). Versus running a script with all the assumptions & settings already specified…

First up: I use a laptop. And it is not always all about the VMs. Sometimes I just want to run Outlook or Visual Studio. To help startup time I have all non-essential services Startup Type set to Manual. For starting Hyper-V, run this in PowerShell:


Why does startup time matter? Remember once you add the Hyper-V role to Windows Server 2008, we lose Hibernate and Sleep. Time to go shop for an SSD…

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