Posted on June 5, 2010


The laptop I’m using will only go so far, even with external disks and 8GB RAM. YMMV, but for my purposes I need a second machine. This makes planning network configuration a lot more complicated:

Host 1: DC, SCVMM w Library, WSUS, SQL, SharePoint, TFS, Build Controller A, Build Agent A1, Test Controller A, …

Host 2: Build Controller B, Build Agent B1, Test Controller B and then the environments being deployed to and tested against.

I would like to join Host 2 and all the VMs to the DC on Host 1 to simplify authentication.

Easiest way to do that is to give static IPs to all the VMs. That way, even if I do plug both laptops into some client’s switch, they are still likely to be isolated on the network, if only at the IP level.

Another consideration is internet access from inside all the VMs. At first that sounds like a luxury, but remember: Activation. Having network connectivity means I can use my MSDN keys in my scripts and just auto-activate. Also helps for quickly grabbing an update not yet downloaded to my local WSUS VM.

Once I have this configured to my satisfaction I’ll post a few screenshots and diagrams.

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